CoSMo LibWebRTC Packages

Packages for App and SDK Developers

Spend time building your app and getting to market, not struggling with compiling, testing, integrating, and updating WebRTC

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What is Pre-Compiled libwebrtc Used For?

For App and SDK Developers and DevOps who:

  • Do not want to deal with fetching, building, and validating libwebrtc
  • Want to harness the strengths of WebRTC and easily link libwebrtc into their project
  • Want to rebase/update libwebrtc easily



CoSMo LibWebRTC Packages


  • Google Unit Tests
  • KITE, the Official WebRTC Testing Tool
  • Extra CoSMo Unit Tests
  • CoSMo Apps and Integration

Monitor results on your dashboard, available on your most common tools.

Compare to libwebrtc Open Source

Limited unit test coverage

  • Release branches are unstable
  • Only black-box unit tests results are available from
  • No integration
  • No end-to-end testing


Compare to libwebrtc Open Source

Painful to link against

  • Compiler and compiler flags
  • C++ standard and C++ standard library
  • Linker flags and other issues
CoSMo LibWebRTC Packages

Installer and CMake support

  • Link packages to your app with a single command
  • Use with or without IDEs
  • Qt Creator, Xcode, CMake package and Android toolchains



Extremely draining to update

Between two Chrome releases, source code would have been modified over 1,200 times on average, with no guarantee of backward compatibility

CoSMo LibWebRTC Packages

Rebasing and update support

  • Avoid breaking your app
  • Benefit from latest updates
  • All our examples and apps are updated for newest releases
  • Migration guides provided!

CoSMo LibWebRTC Packages

Available Add-ons

Choose Package

1 Installer, binaries and media are branded with “CoSMo” logos.
2 Available for release versions only. Separate OS requires separate package license. Contact us for pricing information if you are interested in obtaining licenses for multiple OSes.
3 Get all the new releases for the corresponding OS subscribed. Average of 4 releases in a 6-month period and 8 releases in 12-month period.

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