Take security matters into your own hands today

End-to-End Media Encryption (E2EME) Extensions

Manage and use your own keys now to implement End-to-End encryption as Telegram and Signal do. Nobody else but you (and the recipient you choose) can access your stream & data.

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Complete COSMO Encryption

Using E2EME Extensions

We provide extensions to libwebrtc to get your connections end-to-end encrypted, even in the presence of media servers or gateways.

  • Fully backward compatible with the existing WebRTC stack
  • Falls back to original WebRTC, when E2E crypto keys are not provided
Scalable but not Secure

Using Media Server

As soon as you use a server, e.g. for scalability or recording, the server could expose your content to a third party.

Secure but Not Scalable

Using Peer-to-Peer

WebRTC encryption is hop-by-hop by design, and only end-to-end encrypted in p2p connections.

Key Features of CoSMo E2EME Extensions