Kite Interop Testing

KITE Interoperability Testing Tool

Interoperability testing made easy across the widest range of [Mobile/Desktop][Native/Web] platforms.

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Avoid Karōshi  過 労 死  (Death by Overwork) from manually testing all permutations of the interop test sets.

How Will KITE Help?

  • Validate and enhance User Experience by FULLY monitoring application feature compatibility for both browsers
    and native applications on ALL devices, and ALL OSes.
  • Identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks of your client or server end, on both software and/or hardware
  • Easily simulate real-world conditions to optimize and monitor your service's performance

Test Setup and Config

KITE Engine Design

Reporting Dashboard

Result Output Analysis

Analyze test output and understand defects with the customizable KITE Dashboard or Allure Reports.


Extra Add-Ons