Kite Grid Manager

Large Scale Load Testing Tool

End-to-end testing under heaviest loads to validate the entire system. Test under any load and stress conditions possible.
No limit.

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Why Load Test Your System?

KITE Grid Manager features end-to-end testing, using your own application as client running in Chrome or Firefox, and
validates the entire system (media servers, signaling servers, load balancing, network, and more).

  • Recognize upper capacity limits of your application system
  • Anticipate user experience changes (UX) under different stressed conditions
  • Identify and eradicate system bottlenecks

Customer Story

KITE Grid Manager has been used by 3CX, a unified communication solutions company, for the load testing and benchmarking of their video conferencing solution, Webmeeting, Discover how load testing 3000 concurrent clients with KITE has helped 3CX improve server performance and capacity, and how 3CX performs comparing to open source SFUs.

"CoSMo Software's KITE Grid Manager suite for load testing provided new capabilities to 3CX and its WebRTC team  to further improve our SFU/MCU. 

The test suite is extremely versatile and easy to use, and minimal development effort is  required to get started. What's also valuable about CoSMo's KITE Grid Manager is that you can simulate each WebRTC client in its own dedicated Virtual Machine. This is the best way to ensure your WebRTC statistics are not skewed by running bulk tests with multiple clients on a single machine. On top of that, you’re able to conveniently analyze statistics from each connected client.

What was really great about the whole experience was the fact that the CoSMo team was always super responsive to our questions and needs. They've even gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions to help with our tests. CoSMo Software's test suite has greatly helped us with our development efforts and we’ve been able to significantly improve our SFU/MCU’s performance as well as its capacity."

Leonidas Georgiou, Product Manager of 3CX

SEE FULL TESTING report here

Cost Effective

Fixed monthly fee structure for unlimited usage, running the load tests on your own cloud. Pay VM usage directly to your cloud provider at the lowest instance prices.

Example Scenario 1

Video Conference Test

  • 2000 Meeting Rooms
  • 7 Participants per Rooms
  • Video @ 1.7 Mbps
  • Test duration: 1 hour
Estimated AWS Usage Cost:

US $70*

Example Scenario 2

Live Streaming or Webinar

  • 100,000 Viewers
  • Video @ 1.7 Mpbs
  • Test duration: 1 hour
Estimated AWS Usage Cost:

US $175*

* AWS instance price only, based on historical spot price in us-east-1 for C4.xlarge. Excluding data transfer cost and Grid Manager monthly fee which is fixed for unlimited usage. Please contact us for more details.

Control the cost with our fixed monthly fee structure for unlimited usage and by running the load tests on your own cloud. VM usage cost is paid directly to your cloud provider at the lowest instance prices.

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Intuitive Workflow

1.  TEst Script
2.  Scenario Configuration
3.  Results Analysis