CoSMo Software
Real-Time Communication Solutions, Tools and Services

Proud members of the WebRTC A-Team, with Meetecho. We are the best at what we do and we specialize in the Ridiculous.


We provide a complete set of tools for your RTC products to help you produce the best applications and services. End-to-end testing engines, native libraries installers, Qt bindings, real end-to-end encryption. Come and check why the best out there like Google trust CoSMo's products and tools.

Tech Services

Based on expertises rooted in active participation in the evolution of the standards (W3C, IETF, 3GPP, IMTC), in production of scientific peer-reviewed articles, in Strategic Effort like webrtc-in-webkit, and active participation in leading open-source projects like Medooze, Jitsi, Janus, OBS, we propose a range of tech services. Architecture and Development of RTC PoC, MVP and Products, Arch & Dev of Entire RTC Platforms, Pimp my SFU: enhancement, maintenance and support for RTC Media Servers,

Business Services

We provide RTC due diligence services, as well as technology assessment services. Based in Singapore, with Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Japanese speaking staffs, Proud co-founders of the Korean WebRTC meetup, participants of both WebRTC Tokyo meetups and hackers groups, as well as Sydney's WebRTC meetups, and Beijing annual RTC conference, we are your proxy to Asia. We provide Asian market surveys, and installation help.