Year 2018

  • WebRTC 1.0 Testing, Alexandre Gouaillard
    W3C WEBRTC WG TPAC Meeting, October 22-23, Lyon, France
  • Comparative Study of WebRTC Open Source SFUs for Video Conferencing (slides), Emmanuel André, Nicolas Le Breton, Augustin Lemesle, Ludovic Roux and Alexandre Gouaillard
    IIT Real-Time Communications 2018, October 15-17, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
  • Choosing your WebRTC SFU - An introduction to Medooze Media Server and SFU, Sergio Garcia Murillo
    CommCon 2018, June 25-29, Wotton House, Surrey, UK
  • KITE - Open Source, Free End-to-end Testing for WebRTC, Alexandre Gouaillard
    CommCon 2018, June 25-29, Wotton House, Surrey, UK

Year 2017

WebRTC PaaS Serie

  • WebRTC Signaling Infrastructure Scalability – The Secret Sauce
    Geek’n Kranky, June 2014 @ Google HQ, SF (slides)
  • WebRTC Video Infrastructure Scalability and Codecs matters
    WebRTC Conference and Expo, June 2014 (slides)
  • Practical WebRTC – from API to Solution
    WebRTC Summit, June 2014 @ NYC (slides)

Practical WebRTC: Implementations, Testing and Tooling

  • WebRTC browsers, stacks and plugins implementation difference (slides)
  • Testing and Packaging Stack
    WebRTC Meetup, August 2015 @ Tokyo (slides)
  • WebRTC Plugin for Other Browsers
    2015Q3 Updated Version (slides)
    WebRTC Conference and Expo, June 2014 @ Atlanta (slides)
  • Open Source Options for Building your WebRTC Solution
    WebRTC Conference and Expo, May 2015 @ Miami (slides)

Theoretical WebRTC: Standard Status Updates, and Concepts

  • WebRTC Transceiver Concepts and examples
    WebRTC MeetUp, December 2015 @ Athens, Greece (slides)
  • WebRTC Standard Update November 2015
    Original English version – (slides)
    Japanese translation courtesy to NTT’s Yoshimasa Iwase – (slides)
  • WebRTC Status Update 2015Q2
    WebRTC Conference Japan, Feb.2015 @ Tokyo (slides – In Japanese)
    WebRTC Meetup, June 2015 @ TokBox, SF